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5/2 Mercerized Bleached and Natural Yarn

These yarns are sold on 1 lb cones.

Sale Price: 

$12/pound for Natural

$22/pound for Bleached

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Tubular Spectrum color wheel

Sample Cards

Looking for particular colors or particular yarns?  We now have color cards available for our Tubular Spectrum Mercerized Cotton Yarns, our Hemp Yarns, and our American Maid unmercerized cotton yarns.

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Looking for New Tricks to teach your Baby Wolf Loom?

We have some clever tricks to teach your baby wolf loom.  Accessories like Weave me AWONES, Jazz Bands and Beam me Up Scotties.  Scotties get rid of that black apron rod cord.  Make your weaving time easier!

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Spin Your Own Cotton

We have cotton sliver available in white, brown and green.  This is Joan Ruane's Easy Spin Sliver.

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Need Dinner Plans?

Our color gamps can also be woven as dinner napkins.  Thread the loom once and weave 8 napkins with different tie-ups to see how color and weave structure interact.  It makes for stimulating dinner conversations!

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Warping tip:



Simplify the winding of long warps by winding the warp vertically on the warping board.

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Paula's Purple Poles!

If you have a problem placing your warping board, these poles are the purrfect solution! You simply lean the poles against the wall and hang your warping board with the ties that are included. When you are done winding your warp, the poles can be stored out of the way.

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Towels are Forever!

If you have hard-worn, handwoven towels (the ones the kids used to wipe up the spilled grape juice), take them camping! It is such a delight to know that your hard work can still have a beautiful life after its intended use. You may be the only campers with handwoven towel.

We hope our yarns and kits will inspire you to weave like a Lunatic!


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Hemp Yarns

We have a nice selection of hemp yarns.  From vibrant colors to natural and bleached white; and from single ply to 6 ply, we have hemp yarns to suit your weaving needs. 


We couldn't find a supplier of thinner hemp yarns in colors, so we created our very own line of colors in 2 ply hemp yarns.   These 2 ply hemp yarns have with approximately 2550 yards per pound.  Sett at 20 epi, they make lovely towels and table linens.  Also available on 1 pound cones in natural and bleached white. 

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American Maid Yarns

Naturally colored cotton

We are very proud of our American Maid yarns. These are our own yarns that are made from naturally colored cotton grown in the southwestern US, and spun here in the United States. The cotton is produced by a consortium of growers that are using sustainable farming practices such as Integrated Pest Management, sensible water usage and low chemical input. These yarns are part of our efforts to support US grown and spun cotton as much as we can these days.

American Maid yarns are spun from cotton lint that is grown in colors other than the traditional white. The color is a part of the fiber and therefore does not need dye to produce the colors. This reduces the amount of chemicals needed to produce the yarn. This cotton comes from different seed stock than the Foxfiber yarns that we have carried for years.


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The Tubular Spectrum

Yarn Circle

This is our version of a yarn of the month club. 2 vibrant colors arrive at your door each month for the next 11 months. Membership includes a monthly newsletter complete with loonie project ideas and discussions about totally tubular colors.

A Color Workshop Delivered to Your Door!

Each month of the year you will receive 2 colors of our Tubular Spectrum mercerized cotton yarn. You can choose to receive either 1/2 pound or 1 pound cones of each color. You can also choose the size of yarn you would like to receive...5/2, 10/2 or 20/2.  At the end of the 11 month cycle (there is no shipment in December) you will have received all 20 colors from around our spectrum plus black and white. For those who would like to also have the 5 gray colors, we have the Spectrum Circle Plus Edition in which you will receive not only the 20 colors but also the 5 shades of gray plus black and white over 11 months of the year.

In addition to yarn, every month you will receive a newsletter filled with project suggestions, totally tubular ways to use your fabulous new yarns and a monthly disussion of a topic related to color. You may join at any time of the year, and your yarn will arrive at your door for the next 11 months.

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Gray Matter color wheel

All 5 shades of gray are

available in 5/2, 10/2 and 20/2!

Our collection of mercerized, 100%cotton yarns are dyed to our specifications by a US dye house using Fiber Reactive Dyes. Our 20 colors, plus 5 shades of gray, black and white yarns are available individually on 1.5 oz, 8 oz and 1 pound cones.

These yarns are available in 5/2, 10/2 and 20/2 sizes.

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Color Disclaimer
Color shown on monitors and in photographs can vary as do individual dye lots. Please allow for minor variation and always, our return policy is "you no lika, senda back".